Jan 3, 2012

Looking Forward to 2012

Last year I posted at least one picture for everyday of the year. This was such an interesting experiment, mainly because it forced me to look for something to post about everyday. I had to find something unique, different, exciting, funny, or interesting that happened that day. This was hard, but it really made a difference to me. The experiment also changed as I went on. At first, it was going to be a photo that I took, and just a photo. Then I started writing a short explanation every once and a while. A few even got paragraphs worth. Then I started just putting a picture on--this could be a photo, or something from the internet that stood for something. It was a really cool experiment, but I'm glad that it's done! (Though I still have thoughts about taking pictures and what I'm going to put on my blog. Habits die hard.)

Looking forward at 2012, I've been trying to think about what I want from this year. What I really want is to write something everyday. Whether this is working on my novel, or writing on this blog, I feel like this is something that I need to do. I'm never going to get any better unless I try. I think I'm going to start by going over what I've already written in my novel (the ending will have to wait) and making revision notes.

I had a goal to read 200 books by the end of 2011; I read 182. This year, I will make it!

Big goal for this year? Find a job!! I've got four months left on my internship and I'm pretty sure I exhausted the internships I can do.

So, here's to 2012 and all the adventures that will come this year!


  1. I didn't know you're writing a novel! We should be friends! Hahahaha! I want details!

  2. I am writing a novel. The "dirty" draft is done(except for the ending, I kind of got stuck), so now it's time to start revisions. Yay. haha.