Apr 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Because I am an Anglophile and a romantic, I did something that my father thought was absolutely crazy. I woke up way early in the morning to watch Prince William and Catherine Middleton's wedding.

This is the way I see it. I may never again see an heir to the British throne get married. I mean, I could, but this was the wedding of the decade! When people talk about weddings, Prince Charles and Princess Diana's comes to mind. Sure, that story had a horrible ending, but the wedding! Ah, the wedding! Thirty years later it is still talked about as the fairytale wedding. Well, this story was even more of a fairytale. Commoner turned Princess. I don't envy Kate for the life she will lead, but the idea of meeting a prince and him falling in love with you is something just about every girl dreams about.

Anyway, here is the timeline of the night:

2:35 am: My alarm goes off. I go and wake my mom up so we can watch this momentous occasion together. My dad continues sleeping.
3:15 am: Prince William and Prince Harry arrive at Westminster Abbey. William was obviously nervous. He tugged at his collar, smoothed his hair, tugged at the front of his uniform, and hit his hands together. But he smiled and chatted with the guests, and took some teasing from his brother. They both looked very handsome in their uniforms.
3:45 am: The Queen and Prince Phillip arrive at Westminster Abbey immediately following Prince Charles and the duchess. The Queen wore a yellow hat.

3:50 am: Kate and her dad leave the Goring Hotel. We are finally awarded a view of The Dress--one of the biggest secrets about the wedding.

4:00 am: Kate arrives at Westminster Abbey. Her dress is gorgeous. Classy, simple, and so very Kate. She has a nice train--gratefully nothing like Diana's 25-foot train.

4:10 am: Kate makes the 600-ft walk down the Abbey aisle. This is something that I am so glad I don't ever have to do--not that I'd ever have to walk down a 600-ft aisle, but walking down an aisle with all those people looking at you? No thank. Anyway, Kate walks down the aisle and stands next to William. This is the first time William sees Kate in her dress. He smiled at her and leaned over. You could just make out him telling her that she looked beautiful (awww!).
4:15 am: They get married. It was actually a very nice ceremony.

4:30 am: Mom and I set a tape to record the rest of the coverage just in case there is anything we want to see (like the kiss on the balcony) and then go back to bed.


  1. I just watched the highlights on YouTube and, sadly, they didn't include the kiss scene. You should post a screen shot of it on your blog, just in case. ;)

    And, while her dress wasn't modest by LDS standards, it's darn modest in general and I loved it. LOVED. With a million hearts.

  2. I LOOOOOOOOVED the wedding. I got up early and watched as much as I could until I had to go to work. It was absolutely beautiful. I want her dress....made slightly more modest, but still. I'm so glad you are such an Anglophile and a romantic, cuz I am right there with you!