Apr 29, 2011

Memory Quilt, Part 2

Okay, so part two involved sewing the rows of three squares together. Take one row and lay the adjoining squares back-to-back and pin. (One side onto the middle square at a time.)
Once you pin, sew! You want about 1/4" seam. I'm not a seamstress. As such, I didn't really stress over the straightness or size of my sewing. I also kept having problems with the sewing machine--the thread kept slipping off of it's little thingy, which caused problems when I tried to run the fabric through. I discovered it was because I was going too slow, so I sped up and this helped to keep my seams a bit straighter, too.
This is how one row should look after you had sewed all three squares together. Do this with all the rows.
When you're done with all the rows, lay them on top of each other so you can remember which row you want on top. Then fold the pile in thirds and put back in the plastic bags until you are ready for the next part (which is coming soon!).

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