Apr 2, 2011

Conference Project, Part 1

For conference this year I decided to work on a project instead of just sitting around and watching. Those of you who know me know that I am not a "crafty" sort of person, but I decided to make a "memory" quilt out of shirts and pants from my college years. The first thing I did was collect what I was going to use, and then decided how big I wanted the individual squares. Then it was time to cut them out:
I used a rotary blade and the square pattern was just from a cardboard box. I cut on the floor, but my knees and back got tired easily. I would recommend using the table or something else. (UPDATE: Seriously, use a table! I woke up this morning with my entire body sore from leaning over and cutting. Not pleasant.)
These are the cut out squares.
After I got all the squares cut out (it took about 1 and 1/2 sessions), I laid out the squares into the 9-square blocks that I wanted. There were some squares that I wanted in a specific way.
I made sure that I piled the squares up in a way so that I would remember how they all went.
Then I put them in individual baggies to keep all the blocks separated and in order. Soon, I hope to get to the sewing and then I can decide the order of the blocks.


  1. So . . . how many Creamery shirts did you end up with when you left, and how many are being used in this quilt? ;)

  2. I ended up with 5--4 blue shirts (and all of them had holes in the armpits) and 1 white. All of them will be used in this quilt.