Apr 27, 2010

The Least Two Years: A Mini-sode

A camera pans a bedroom; across a DESK, showing lotion, a pencil cup, a journal, a laptop computer, up to a shelf of books. Finally the camera rests on A GIRL, asleep. A VOICEOVER (VO) is heard: a deep male voice.

VO: This is Whitney.

An ALARM buzzes and WHITNEY wakes up and turns it off. She lies in bed for a second before getting up. Cut to her pouring CEREAL and MILK, then eating it.

VO: Two years ago today, Whitney was on an airplane, on her way to England. She was nervous for this new adventure of hers. And an adventure it was.

Shot of a long-haired, younger WHITNEY walking the streets of LONDON.

VO: She met all sorts of new people.

Shot of WHITNEY with friends in a CAFE, having her picture taken with random INDIAN GUYS.

VO: She saw beautiful things.

Cut to shot of WHITNEY in a museum, then to shot of her looking down on PORTHCURNO, ending with another shot of her walking along the THAMES.

VO: She . . . gained a lot of weight.

A montage of WHITNEY eating various sweets: nutella TOAST, PASTRIES, CHOCOLATE, CANDY.

VO: Yes, Whitney had quite a time in London, England, UK. She thought that life couldn't get any better than that.

Slow motion shot of WHITNEY laughing.

VO: So where has Whitney's life taken her?

Back to WHITNEY eating her cereal.

VO: Today, Whitney is going to class in Provo, Utah. And then she is considering watching a movie. Yes, she was right when she thought life couldn't get any better than London.

WHITNEY finishes her cereal and puts the BOWL in the sink. The camera zooms in on it and the SPOON that is rattling in it.

VO: Compared to England, the past two years have been uneventful.

Fade to black.


  1. Oh my goodness! Has it really been two years!?! I can hardly believe it has been that long. It was pretty wonderful. A few days ago I found the big folder that I stuck all of the brochures, receipts and ticket stubs in... It reminded me of so many wonderful times!

  2. i love it.
    you need to make movies.
    have you seen amelie? the little french one?
    totally see this in that style.