Jun 18, 2009


It's time to play another round of . . . WHITNEY TRYING TO WRITE LYRICS!!!
::cheering crowd::

Anyway, I just recently found these lyrics that I wrote in my documents file. I kind of forgot that I wrote them and I'm a little surprised because they are better than most of my lyrics (which isn't much, but still). I don't know how to do links or else I would link my previously posted lyrics, but the main thing is that I love music. I wish I could write music and perform and share it with the world. Well, I'm not that talented (nor that dedicated), so mostly what I do it write lyrics that I think would make a good song, or at least a good idea for a song. Maybe someday, somewhere down the road, someone will come across my blog and read some of my ideas and decide to use them . . . haha, in my dreams right?

This song I called "Somebody," and it's about feeling alone and just wanting someone, anyone, to love you. It's not finished, but here's what I have.

I wish I had somebody to miss
somebody who missed me too.
I wish I had somebody
to help me get over you.
I wish I had somebody,
to hold me tight
on a night
like this.

Never knew how lonely it could be
on a night so cold and dark.
Never knew this loneliness
taking over my heart
Never knew without you
my life would be
so empty
like this.

If I can't have you
can I please just have somebody
to stop the hurt tonight?
I just wish I had somebody
to stop me from thinking of you.
Somebody, anybody, somebody
Or you.

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