Feb 27, 2007

Free Write: The Perfect Guy

Just take a mix of Mr. George Knightley, Darcy, Peter Pan, and Aragorn. Add in a dash of Priesthood, and modern manners and he'd be perfect.

If only it were that easy.

The one thing that I've noticed about BYU is that marriage is on everyone's mind. EVERYONE'S! All the jokes the bishop tells about the new RM's moving into our ward were all about us freshman being married. And yeah, they are pretty funny jokes. But haven't you ever noticed that there is this overwhelming feeling that tells you that you need to find your eternal companion right now? It's not so much that people talk about it, it's just the atmosphere.

Well, in order to get married, you need to date. Since I am not on the dating scene, I decided to make up my own boyfriend. My roommate and I had a lot of fun creating him one day after dinner.

His name is James Duran (like the band). He's about six foot, maybe a little taller. Brown hair in that kinda of short messy style that looks real nice, and green eyes. Lean, and a classy dresser. He plays guitar and sings. He's an RM and served his mission in Scotland. He likes hiking and rock climbing. His major is either communications or business (we couldn't decide which). My roommate wanted him to have square glasses, but I'm just not seeing that. Maybe for reading.

Jimmy is really sweet and involved with his family. He's from Scotsdale, Arizona (just to make things interesting I should say his middle name it Scott, but it isn't.). He has an older sister and a niece and nephew, and then two little brothers. He's good with kids. James enjoys sports, but not to an extreme. He dabbles in woodworking; that's what his dad does.

So anyway James and me aren't dating seriously yet, but maybe someday I'll find him and we'll live "happily ever after."

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