Jul 28, 2016

30 Before 30: Finish Writing a Book

In 2011 I started writing a novel, the idea of which came while listening to an audio of a fairytale. Today, I finished it!

Five years of on and off writing, of struggling with plot and characters, of wondering if this would be the one that I actually completed--and I did it!!

I did a mini celebratory dance when I finished it and then I went and got Chipotle, sprung for the chips, and paid for it all with a gift card I got from a company thing a couple of weeks ago.

I can't believe it! I actually finished writing a novel! (Well, the first draft anyway.)


  1. Congratulations!!! ���� I already know it's an awesome book! You are an inspiring writer ��

  2. Finishing is finishing no matter what draft! Congratulations!