Jul 27, 2016

30 Before 30: Buy Something from Tiffany

Today while I was in Salt Lake I headed over to Tiffany and Co. I've had the money for a little while, but going into the store kind of intimidated me. It's so fancy, you know? I mean, it's Tiffany. That's basically synonymous with class. But, since I was in Salt Lake anyway and I was dressed nice, I decided to go in.

It was a great experience! The salesman that helped me was really nice. When he asked why I was there, I told him that I was treating myself. I gave him my budget and he showed me what would fit in that budget. Then I mentioned a certain collection I liked, he moved over there and talked about some of the designs in it. He asked if I was celebrating anything, and I said no, just that I wanted to get something. He said that he thought that was great and he thought more women should do it--that a lot of women think they can only get jewelry if it's a gift.

Anyway, I tried on four rings, but I kept going back to the first one I tried on. It was just more me, simple and delicate but elegant. And it was far below budget. Win!

The bag!

The box!

I felt really bad about undoing the bow when he had done such a good job tying it.

The ring!

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