Aug 13, 2013

Dear Baby E: I miss you!

Hey sweetheart! I just got back from a long weekend of getting to hold you, and let me tell you, I miss your warm little body in my arms.

Your Uncle, Bro, and I drove down to see you--and let me tell you, it's a long drive, and especially boring. But we had music, podcasts, and movies to keep us occupied; and, of course, food! Here's something you should know about road trip food: every Hinckley road trip includes two things, red licorice and Lorna Doone cookies. The licorice probably didn't get started this way, but part of the reason we always needed it was because I get carsick and when I was a kid the only way I could take chewable dramamine was if I ate it with licorice. I don't have a story about Lorna Doones, just that we always have them.

I'm not a good traveler, baby, so by the time we got to your mommy and daddy's I was pretty tired and strung out. But then I got to hold you and finally kiss your chubby cheeks. I rested you on my chest and I instantly felt more relaxed. You are a miracle, little girl.

Uncle Bro seemed a little stiff and uncomfortable holding you at first (you are pretty small), but by the end of the weekend, he had warmed up to you, and even found something that calmed you down.

You are kind of wiggly, except when you go into a deep sleep, and then you just go kind of limp. I think we kind of spoiled you, because by the end of the weekend, you did not like being put down, which was okay by me! But it wasn't good when we went for a ride--you didn't seem to like being in your car seat, though once you were fed and changed, as long as the car was moving you were okay. We stopped at one point to take pictures of a bridge, and I got in the car with you to let your mom have a look. I sang my special lullaby to you and gently shook your car seat (trying to imitate the movement of the car) and it calmed you down for a little bit. That made me feel good.

I introduced you to Jane Austen, too! I read the first 5 chapters of Pride and Prejudice, and the first time I read it, you stopped crying and listened to an entire page before starting again. That first line is pretty intriguing, isn't it?

I love you, baby girl. Can't wait to see you again in a month or so. You'll have changed so much!

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