May 21, 2011

The Times They Are a Changin'

It is amazing how fast life can change.

Four weeks ago I took a test. And finished my internship at the Church Magazines. Then for the following three weeks I heard nothing from the internships I had applied to.

For three weeks I read books and watched TV, waiting to hear.

Then in one week I had two interviews set up (on the same day). I went to the interviews, which ended up being a very long day. While I was taking the test at the second interview, I could feel my phone vibrating in my purse. I check it after I leave, and it's an offer for the publishing internship at Deseret Book! And it would be starting the next day!

Whoo! It was crazy!

So I started that internship on Wednesday. I felt so much more prepared and relaxed going into this internship than I did when I started at the New Era. I think it mostly was because 1) I had already had experience, and 2) I didn't have weeks to work myself up about it, just a few hours. Haha.

The editing team at DB is a lot smaller than I would have thought, with only 4 editors and the three of us interns. This means that I will always be busy, which is fabulous. After a little bit of training, they got us started. Instead of an office, I have a cubicle. And it is right next to John Bytheway's. Oh yes! Of course, I don't think he comes in very often, but hey. I only work three days a week, from 9-5. And I get to work with books! Big long, involved books! And novels!

It's fantastic!

And tough. I've been working on a book that talks about LDS Beliefs (I think it might actually be called that, but I don't know), where they quoted from a text they can't quote from, so I have been going through and finding all of the places it has been cited and then trying to find that same quote in two other texts that we can use. It is time consuming, and can be interesting, and tedious. I finished the part I had yesterday, and was rewarded with be able to start proofreading a novel!

In one week my life has changed quite drastically, but for the better. I have truly been lucky this past year, luckier than most people.

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  1. What a fabulous adventure! Novels! I'm jealous. :)