Feb 6, 2011

Sunday Special: The Adversary Works Hard

This last week as I was researching something for work, I came across a story about a young man named McKay Hatch.

McKay is a resident of California and is LDS. When he reached middle school he became increasingly disturbed with the amount of swearing that he heard in school and among his friends. He decided to do something about it and started the No Cussing Club. That was almost three years ago and now he has almost 20,000 members of the club, internationally.

I think it is such a wonderful thing, and he has gained so much attention that it seems many people think so too. But unfortunately, not all the attention has been positive. Though a club that has members who are resolved not to swear seems innocent enough, McKay and his family has received a large backlash. Not only has he received hate mail, but even death threats. McKay even received suspicious packages with derogatory names on them. These got so bad that the Hatch family had 24 hour surveillance by the local police and the FBI got involved.

Why would there be such a backlash against a no swearing group? It seems ridiculous. Except, when you think that the adversary would be so against any little good thing that he would work very hard to get it shut down. He would dislike anything that is in alignment with the Father's teachings, that he would even fight against the littlest and most innocent of causes. Fortunately, I think that the adversary underestimated McKay and his friends' resolves to do right.

If we all can fight hard to do what's right and not let Satan make us waver in our resolve, we can help to change the world--at least a little part of it.

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