Jun 13, 2010

The Life and Times of a Single Adult: Unfair

You know what is totally unfair? That people who are getting married get all these gifts to help them set up their home and whatever.

Okay, so I understand that getting married deserves presents and they should be helped out a bit by getting plates, sheets, and small appliances. But, it is immensely unfair to all of us single people!

I'm going to be graduating and going out into the real world; hopefully getting my own place sometime in the near future. I will be setting up my home, but do I get any help? Noooo. And you know why? Because I'm not getting married. I have to buy my plates, sheets, and small appliances myself. Why should I miss out on having nice things just because I'm single?

I'm just saying, it's unfair.


  1. that's why you have to have a house warming party! Invite me!

  2. You know what's unfair? Living "on your own" for 8 1/2 years and realizing that you already own a waffle-maker, hand mixer, food processor, cookie sheets, hampers, storage shelves, and lots of other things so you have absolutely no idea what to register for now that you finally *are* getting married.

    Sorry, just wanted to tease a little. :D I like Rochelle's idea of a house-warming party--do it!

  3. But, Natalia, you have the option of getting newer, nicer stuff!

    When I move into an apartment that is not in my parent's basement, I will have to have a house warming party. Good idea, Rochelle!

  4. Whitney: One last note: I buy the nice stuff and hide it from others so it stays nice. :D I guess I now have the option of having different colored equipment (maybe I'll paint "his/hers" on them? lol). Anyway, just teasing.

    And even if you live in a parent's basement, you should have a house warming party. Seriously. :D