May 31, 2010

And so it begins . . .

Well, it's Memorial Day. I was thinking about this today--can you wish someone a happy memorial day when it's about remembering the dead? Just a thought.

EFY started today! For those of you who don't know what exactly this means for BYU students, let me 'splain. Just picture hundreds of 14-18 year olds. Now, think about those teens having about two hours off everyday and what that means for student employees at places like, say, the Creamery on Ninth. Yeah. It's fun.

So after work today, I decided to come home and watch some Angel and Buffy episodes while eating pizza. Holiday means no class, which means lazy Whitney. Oh yeah!

So, you all have a great holiday!


  1. Well, aren't you lucky that EFY is starting! I don't miss those days, except when they gave me their change. Silly kids.

  2. Have you ever tried getting OUT of a building while the EFY kids are going IN, EN MASSE? It's impossible! :O