May 1, 2008

The London Centre gets Wicked

Hey everyone! So, I wanted to share a little bit about where I'm staying!

The BYU London Centre is an old building in Kensington that has served many uses. Shackleton lived here, and it was a hospital during WWII and even survived the air raids when many of the surrounding houses were damaged. It's a beautiful building, about five stories high (unfortunately for our boys who have to live on the fifth floor). My room is just off the front entrance. There are rumors of a hidden treasure, and a ghost! (Sorry about the picture...I'm still trying to figure this whole blogging thing out!)

Yesterday we all went to see Wicked. It was an amazing musical. My favorite part was probably during the end of the song "Defying Gravity" and Elphaba was hoisted up. All that was lit was her face and upper body, and it was very haunting.

I'm getting the hang of the Tube system now, and even rode on my first double decker bus yesterday. I'm starting to recognize some places, but I've been around a lot of London, and everytime there is something new and exciting to see! On my next post I will put up some more pictures of the things I saw today!

Love you all!

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  1. That is exciting Whitney! I am jealous of you. :D