May 2, 2008

Big Ben and the London Eye

So yesterday we walked around Parliament, Westminster Abbey, and Lambeth. It was so beautiful, and the day was gorgeous (which from what I hear is a lot better than I can say for Utah!). It did rain, but I have decided that God meant London to be wet, because as beautiful as London is, it is more beautiful when it's wet.

We walked along the Thames, and even though I don't think it is usually called beautiful, I think it is. We were able to walk along the Tower Bridge, and the London Bridge, and the Lambeth Bridge, and the Westminster Bridge. I was able to get several views of the London Eye, from several differen bridges. I also got a lot of beautiful pictures of Parliament and Big Ben. I even heard Big Ben chime!

Congrats Lloyd on your new granddaughter! She is beautiful! I would love to hear anymore exciting news!


  1. Hello Whitney! It sounds like you are settling in just fine. Your walk along the Thames reminded me of our first visit to London. Of course, the London "Eyesore" didn't exist back then. Have fun and we'll keep checking in. Uncle LaMar

  2. Hey! Thanks Whitney. She is great... was just here to help me celebrate my birthday. She's much more alert now, but it will be a couple more months before she's really interactive.. so just when you get home. ;) (I guess you can't tell I sorta like her, eh?

    Looks like you're having a great adventure. Enjoy every minute... and thanks for sharing the experience with us.