Feb 19, 2013

Conversations with my Mom

For President's Day, I went home after church on Sunday and spent the night and the holiday with my parents. One of the best things of being around my parents, is that I can just talk to them about things as I think of them. Another "best thing" is that I can just be and still be loved.

It's hard to do this with a phone--I can't be calling home whenever something pops in my head that I want to talk about, or when I do call home I don't even think about certain things. But while I was home this weekend, I got to talk to my mom about things happening in my life right now, and about whatever we happened to talk about.

One of the conversations we had lead to us talking about how I was when I was a kid (I'm not exactly sure how we got on this subject, but I think some of the previous conversation involved the 3-year-olds my mom teaches at church, what my siblings were like in utero, introvertedness, and making friends). Something I found really interesting was how my personality was so apparent at such a young age. Though I have changed and grown, the core of my personality was there. My mom talked about how I never just jumped into things, but instead observed first--which is exactly what I do. I feel that I spend a lot of time just observing the interactions of others, instead of just jumping into the fray of social situations. When I mentioned that I was always confused as a kid when my mom would say that I "made friends easily" because I never felt that was true, my dad jumped in and said, "You were always  friendly." Which is something I still try to be, though sometimes I feel that I may come off as aloof because I'm not as social as some others.

It was kind of nice to learn that I've always been the pretty much the same, and that the way I am isn't something new and different.

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