Jan 8, 2013

Doctor Who Workout

Today I did my first Doctor Who workout (just finished it in fact), which I got off of Pinterest and can be found here. Oh man, am I out of shape! Since I've seen all of the episodes (except the Matt Smith ones) more than once, I just chose an episode to do this with. So my workout today was to "The Unquiet Dead" (the Charles Dickens one).

It was a little hard to not just get caught up in the episode, but I had the workout taped to the side of the TV to help me remember, and I'm sure once I get more used to what I'm supposed to do, it will be easier. This episode may not have been the best episode, but when I wasn't doing one of the tasks, I made sure I was standing, stretching, or going onto my toes. Also, the part about the "catchphrase" I made to include "Bad Wolf," which was said in this episode. I ended up doing a lot of jumping jacks, because "Doctor" gets said all the time--it being his name and all. Another thing I'm going to add is a plank during the theme song at the opening.

So, it was bearable. It was fun to watch something, and it isn't constant doing something all the time. And the workout will change some depending on what episode it is, so you aren't just doing the same thing all the time, which is nice. I think I may come up with my own Doctor Who workout in the future, and maybe some for the other shows I watch during the week.

Anyway, I guess in summary, this is a good way to start working out, especially since I don't generally like exercise (I know, I'm kind of ashamed of it) and since I don't have an xbox kinect on which to play Dance Central (seriously, I never wanted an xbox before and now all I want to do is get one so I can get all four Dance Centrals and annoy the people living below me).

Another update on my New Year's resolutions: I started the second draft of my book last night and wrote three pages! Not too shabby. And I've kind of started the preplanning stage of my Canadian vacation. This will be the first vacation by myself, and I really have no idea what I'm doing, so, that's fun.

Hope that your resolutions are still going strong! If not, it's never too late to start!

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