Nov 9, 2012

Moving Out and Up: Finding the Apartment

When I graduated college and moved back home to live in my parents’ basement, I naively thought I would only be there for six months, eight months tops. That was two years ago and I just barely moved out a week ago. I’m going to be telling the story of finding my apartment, moving in, and how I’m liking it so far in a series of posts, to keep them a bit shorter.

About a month ago my mom came home from a lunch (or dinner, I don’t really remember) with some ex-coworkers of hers with a suggestion from one of them of a place to live. I had been looking at apartments on and off, sometimes seriously, sometimes just casually. I had wanted to move out on my own—no roommates—but Mom and Dad didn’t seem to think that was a very good plan. In fact, they were pretty much against the idea. My parents very rarely share such strong feelings, so after my initial feelings of “My parents just don’t understand! Waaaa!!” I decided that there was probably a reason they felt that way. But I felt a little dejected—I did not want to live with someone I didn’t know, nor did I want to live with more than just one other person. It made me feel exhausted just thinking about having to please two or three people! (I'm so antisocial, I know.)

Around the time I was starting to look more seriously at apartments (I had just gotten my job, so it was about six months ago), my friend M got home from her LDS Mission. We went out one night to hang out and I mentioned about my parents not wanting me to live alone. Immediately she said, “I’ll live with you!” To which I’m pretty sure I said, “I think we’d kill each other.” We never talked about it again.

Back to a month ago. My mom showed me the website for the complex, and we looked at pictures and floorplans. My brain was just whirring, thinking about it. I liked the look of the complex and apartments. Now if I could only find a roommate. And M popped into my head. “No way,” I thought. “Well, maybe.” After sleeping on it, the next morning I messaged her. “You still looking to move out, because I found a place. I’ll send you the link if you’re interested.” And she responded enthusiastically (as she does. It’s good, I don’t show enthusiasm, and she always does. We’re a good pair. ;) ).

I sent a message to the Office Manager saying we were interested in a 2 bed/1 bath apartment. About a week later I had a voicemail from them. When I tried to call back, I got hung up on! I was sure they would call back, but they didn’t until about a week later, when we finally made a plan to meet and take a look at the apartment.

Next post, find out about the exciting news we got when we got to the apartment and how M and I both freaked out!

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