Jul 14, 2012

"I was never meant to fight on my own"

On My Own by Ashes Remain

There's gotta be another way out
I've been stuck in a cage with my doubt
I've tried forever getting out on my own.
But every time I do this my way
I get caught in the lies of the enemy
I lay my troubles down,
I'm ready for you now.

Bring me out
Come and find me in the dark now
Everyday by myself I'm breaking down
I don't want to fight alone anymore
Bring me out
from the prison of my own pride
My God, I need a hope I can't deny
In the end I'm realizing
I was never meant to fight on my own.

Every little thing that I've known
is everything I need to let go.
You're so much bigger than the world I have made.
So I surrender my soul,
I'm reaching out for your hope
I lay my weapons down
I'm ready for you now.


I don't want to be incomplete
I remember what you said to me
I don't have to fight alone


This was my 300 post!