Feb 22, 2012

A Conversation Overheard in a Public Place

There are just some phone calls that you shouldn't have in a place where people can hear you. Some people don't seem to realize this.

A few days ago, I went into our little research library on the JSP floor at work to look something up in a book. I didn't want to go through the effort of checking the book out, so I had my trusty post-it notes and a pencil to take notes. I walk in and one of the semester interns from BYU is in there using the microfilm machine (yes, we still use microfilm). He obviously saw me walk in. As I look through the book, he starts having a conversation on the phone. It goes a little something like this (my thoughts are in italics):

Guy: Hey, are you on your way to work? . . . Cool. So, I got those test results back.

Uh . . . is he really going to be talking about medical test results? In public? (I have no idea how I knew they were medical tests. It must have been the way he said it)

G: Yeah, it seems she didn't have a stroke. She just drank herself--


G: . . . She hydrated herself sick.

Is hydrated a euphemism for drunk?

G: Yeah, that's a lot of water.


G: Well, she drank a glass every 10 minutes for [X] number of hours. That's like 24 cups! They just want to keep her to get her electrolytes up.

At this point in time he goes off talking about dinosaurs or something. I didn't really pay attention to much. And then, right as I was leaving, I heard this:

G: So, are you on your way to work?

Um, yeah. She told you that at the beginning of this conversation. Even I know she's on her way to work.

I'm glad that whoever this lady was didn't have a stroke, nor has a drinking problem. But I think I could have missed out on the conversation about it.

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  1. I find it funny to overhear some conversations, but others make you want to tell whoever is speaking to shut up.