Sep 1, 2011

A Collection of Thoughts at the End of the Day

Worst part of the day: waking up.

Best part of the day: At the CHL, where I work, they have this really strict policy about not eating food at your desk or anywhere other than designated areas (the break room and certain conference rooms). This was really hard for me! Not only am I hyperglycemic, which means I have to eat something every few hours, but in the afternoon when you start dragging, I need to snack on something to help keep me awake. I like my snacks. It has been hard these past four days. Well, this afternoon we all get an e-mail saying that the policy has changed and we can now eat at our desks! Within seconds of getting the e-mail we could hear "whoop!" and various other cheers coming out of offices. We all congregated in the hallway to celebrate our little victory. Then two of the girls went out and bought donuts for us to eat . . . at our desks!

Miscellaneous part of the day: As I was standing at the train station waiting for my transfer, I was surrounded by a sea of red. And then I thought "I am definitely in the wrong city."

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