Sep 21, 2010

The Strange Case of the "Misplaced" Quotes

Yesterday we got a newsletter in the mail from some dentistry office. As an editing minor and someone taking a design class, I had to make fun of it. Here is just a little of what was so great about the newsletter:

We Specialize in Quality, Affordable
and Comfortable Dentistry Right in
Your Neighborhood. You Won't Find a
"Friendlier Staff" Anywhere Else!

Except the words quality, affordable, and comfortable were all underlined as well (Blogger won't let me for some reason).

And, apparently, you can get a "Free" implant consultation as well!

They also ask you to not "be a 'afraid' to ask!"

I read through this and laughed, but also wished that they had at least hired a freelancer designer/editor for this newsletter because I'm pretty sure they want to be taken seriously. Got to love that you don't have to be "afraid" of their "free" help and "friendly staff."

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