Jul 17, 2010

The Quest

Yesterday at work I embarked on a quest. This was a quest worthy of Captain Ahab; I was chasing after . . . Moby Fly!! Dun dun dunnnnn.

Moby Fly was a sneaky little fly. He would zip around the Creamery, never landing, teasing me by flying into my face and then buzzing off so quickly that I couldn't keep track of him. I instantly took out a vendetta against Moby Fly.

For hours I stalked around the Creamery, fly swatter in hand, intent on getting that illusive fly. There were times when I came close, but that guy was just too fast. I knew that I had to wait him out--as a human, I didn't tire as quickly as that buzzing little fly. So, I sat in wait, knowing I would get that little guy eventually.

Then came the opportunity. It had been four hours since I had first seen Moby Fly. I caught a movement out of the corner of the eye. It was Moby. He buzzed past me, and then . . . finally . . . he came to rest on the wall. I sneaked up, swatter at the ready, determined that this is going to b the time that I best the fly. I raised my swatter and . . .


The only thing on the wall was a splatter of bug guts.

Captain Ahab has nuttin' on me.

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